Effective, Integrative Psychotherapy & Attuned Holistic Healing in beautiful Golden, Colorado office, convenient from Boulder and Denver.

Everything we’re searching formore energy, great clarity, balance, security, adventure, love, deep joy, juicy passion and intimacy, and true freedom are all possible when we allow ourselves to discover our inner workings.

Are you aware of how your subconscious fears and past experiences are shaping your reality? Until we understand and address our unconscious patterns and blocks, it’s harder to get what we claim we want.

Welcome to an environment where you can truly be and explore your authentic self. It’s so easy to say we want something and then allow fear of failure or pain–stored as tension in our bodies–to lead us, keeping us small in patterns we think are comfortable and safe. We’re all too used to distracting ourselves with TV, email, texting, social media, alcohol, porn, sugar, coffee, work, exercise, complaining with friends, and replaying the same old stories in our minds about how we were and are powerless… the victim. The truth is, we are our own oppressors. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, the places we shine and the shadows we keep hidden behind the veil. What could we do with more personal power? It’s time we train our bodies and minds to feel secure and calm as we unveil our complete selves.

Powerful outside support makes all the difference. Therapeutic practices help us move through our biggest challenges so we can step into greatness. Together we reprogram our senses with safety, and set ourselves free.

I facilitate, support, and guide you along the way from a place of genuine warmth and complete acceptance. That alone makes a huge difference.

To schedule an appointment call: (720) 739-1117 or email Libby@thrive528.com


What makes this type of therapy different?

Stress takes a toll on our brain, body, and nervous system. It permeates relationships in our workplace and our home. We don’t have to stay stuck in the same vicious cycles feeling frustrated, hopeless, and confused. 

With all the types of therapies… modalities… books… youtube videos… podcasts, and so on, and it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed. A live person and a real experience can take us so much deeper. Choose someone who’s right for you. It’s so important that we each find someone we resonate with and who does his or her own work.

We tailor each session to meet your goals. My extensive training and background allows me to blend several holistic and research-backed approaches that work on a deep level to help transcend the deep-rooted patterns in the body and brain in a way that works best for you. 

I’m committed to working with people who are the right fit for this work. You don’t have to, choose help to reach the peace you seek faster, with better results.

This work is designed to support your health and healing so you can feel more energized and invigorated, and more calm and at peace. Refreshing.

Make a plan.

Once stress or pain becomes chronic, we forget, or don’t even recognize that life without the pain is even possible—like having a toothache and never going to the dentist. It’s time to quit sabotaging so we can truly break through and realize our true potential.

It’s never too late to take action. Many of us didn’t learn how to manage emotions or foster positive interpersonal relationships growing up. We work together to retrain your brain, body, and nervous system to live with greater satisfaction and control. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. This work will transform your confidence, productivity, health, and relationships.

Time for us to start investing in ourselves. When we tap into our tremendous courage and take control of our lives, get ready — the results are priceless.


To schedule an appointment please email Libby@thrive528.com or call (720) 739-1117

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