Altering the future of leadership through relationship first.

Effective, Integrative Therapy and Relational Leadership Training for individuals, couples, and parents. So you can experience life turned on, in harmony, awake, aware, and empowered—and enjoy the tremendous ripple effects. Office locations in both Golden and Boulder, Colorado.

Training committed men, women, and couples to become masters and leaders of our world and of relationship. We begin with deeply attuning to our true nature, allowing what is and what must move, developing relational awareness and communication tools, and following our deepest desires with greater freedom and ease.

We set a supportive container, slow things down, and discover deep enjoyment as we go so much further in understanding ourselves and each other than we ever could on our own. Join me and taste all the flavors of humanity–yes, even the gross ones. It’s all part of this inevitable human experience. Let’s unveil and dance with our untamed nature, from pure innocence to raw ferocity and everything in between. 
The impacts of this send ripples of radial aliveness through your experience and relationships and change your world forever.


Using both evidence-based and holistic approaches, we listen deeply and allow and support the evolution of your total system. We retrain and engage the mental, physical, and energetic potential to truly come alive.

We gently uncover the interplay between our inner and outer world, and suddenly it becomes infinitely easier and more enjoyable to be ourselves and get what we say we truly want.

Welcome to an environment where you can truly be. Come explore all the dark and beautiful parts of you.  

The process of realigning with our true nature and power can feel terrifying. We might say we want something, and then allow fear of failure, or discomfort and pain, and habitual tension in our bodies to guide us unconsciously and find ourselves feeling stuck in all-too familiar patterns we think we can’t shake. Maybe we distract ourselves with all the “things…” compulsively check our email, text, watch youtube videos, turn on the tv, scan social media again, drink alcohol and coffee, watch porn, eat sugar, work harder, exercise, complain to our friends, and keep replaying those same old stories and behaviors again and again…

What’s possible if we’re willing to take the plunge?

How can I trust more deeply… What would I actually like to experience? 

Powerful outside support makes all the difference, guiding you and helping you hold yourself accountable to your deepest desires. You get to discover truths and experience genuine support and warmth. We get to welcome everything… yes, everything. This work and these practices help us move through our biggest challenges. Together we enliven our senses. Together we step into greatness.


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Currently offering personalized intensive packages.


What makes this type of therapy different?

Growing up, did someone teach you how to attune to yourself and others? Did you learn to communicate effectively in interpersonal relationships? Sometimes we forget, or don’t even realize that we can take even more responsibility for our own lives, feel supported, and feel good. Did you learn to carefully listen and respond to your body, your desires, your emotions, and your amazing human sensitivity? It’s never too late to learn, to open, to trust, and to become more of who and what you’ve always wanted to be. We work together to break through into new and exciting territory, transforming confidence, productivity, health, and relationships of all kinds.

The busyness and stress of our modern world takes a toll on our brain, body, and nervous system. It permeates relationships in our workplace and our home. Through this work we break through the feelings of frustration, confusion and hopelessness around the same vicious cycles to reach a place of genuine empowerment. 

With all the types of therapies… modalities… books… youtube videos… podcasts, and so on. It’s easy to do nothing. A live person and a real experience can take us so much deeper. Choose someone who’s right for you. We all need those special, resonant guides and mentors to help shine light on our blind-spots so we can enhance our awareness and attunement.

I tailor each session based on your goals and desires. My extensive training and experience allows me to be emotionally and energetically sensitive to your needs, blending several research-based and holistic approaches that work on a deep level to help transcend the deep-rooted mental, emotional, energetic, and bodily patterns in a way that works best for you. 

I’m committed to spreading relational leadership and the art of self and interpersonal attunement with faster, better results.


When we show up, day after day, and invest in ourselves, and are fiercely committed to trying something different, we bloom into our own unique beauty and strength.
Heart open, mind blown… awaken your world.


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