Harmonizing Intelligent Systems

Neuro-Social Processing and Rewiring

Clients report and research supports significantly more profound, long-lasting positive outcomes from these dynamic approaches that incorporate the kinesthetic and the cognitive, from body systems to family systems. Techniques include body-centered and energetic attunement, practical psychoeducation, relational contact, and experiential trauma and conditioned re-processing.

Reprogram Psychosomatic Conditioning

Deep-acting trauma techniques help bridge the gaps between the body, brain, emotion, and energy systems, and are useful for every individual regardless of exposure to explicitly “traumatic” criteria. I harmonize our sessions using my extensive background, training, and experience working with individuals and families. I draw from a range of research-backed trauma-methods including EMDR and Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Gestalt Therapy. I utilize modalities in holistic and energetic embodiment as well as extensive relational and family practices. We reprogram and practice on all levels and establish integrative resourcing, resulting in greater calm and confidence.


I offer practical skills around emotional regulation, communication, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, conflict management, and distress tolerance. Many of these methods are founded in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), one of the most effective treatments for mood disorders and unhealthy behavioral patterning such as self-harm, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Everyone can benefit from these invaluable skills.

Couples and Relational Therapy

I utilize Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and deep Authentic Relating practices. I have also trained in the Gottman Method and research-based relational approaches. These practices help individuals manage relational conflict, communicate more effectively, and build fulfilling connections that last. This also takes intimacy and sex to the next level, emotionally and physically.


Psychodrama, Gestalt Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) help families heal and connect. Family therapy can have a dramatic effect to repair behavioral and communication issues.

Make a plan.

By taking action we set ourselves free…

It’s never too late to take action.

Many of us didn’t learn about managing emotions or establishing positive interpersonal relationships growing up. We work together to retrain our complex systems to live with greater control over our emotions and satisfaction in our hearts.

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